Pendidikan Lingkungan Budaya Jakarta (PLBJ) merupakan mata pelajaran muatan lokal yang berbahasa Inggris untuk sekolah yang ada di Jakarta. Soal penilaian tengah semester (PTS) genap untuk mata pelajaran PLBJ Bahasa Inggris kelas 5 SD/MI. Penilaian dilakukan dengan mengacu pada indikator dari masing-masing Kompetensi Dasar dan Hasil Belajar dari mata-mata pelajaran. Tujuan dari penilaian adalah untuk mengetahui percapaian indikator yang telah ditetapkan dan untuk memperoleh gambaran yang jelas tentang perkembangan pengetahuan.

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Berikut contoh soal PTS PLBJ Bahasa Inggris kelas 5 SD/MI :

I. Choose the correct answers by crossing (X) a, b, c or d

1. Tak kadal lobang is a traditional . . . .
    a. food
    b. dance
    c. game
    d. song

2. Tak kadal lobang is played by . . . groups
    a. two
    b. three 
    c. four
    d. five

3. Rudi holds two . . . .

    a. cakes
    b. ball
    c. rubbers
    d. sticks

4. Pencak Silat is a martial art originating from . . . .
    a. Thailand
    b. Indonesia
    c. Malaysia
    d. Singapore

5. I take . . . .
    It takes 5 to 10 minutes

    a. breakfast
    b. shower
    c. cook
    d. sleep

6. Pencak Silat players usually wear . . . uniform
    a. black
    b. yellow
    c. pink
    d. green

7. I taste the food with my . . . .
    a. eyes
    b. tongue
    c. mouth
    d. hand

8. Indra uses his . . . to jump
    a. Hand
    b. finger
    c. feet
    d. hair

9. Siti : What do you think of my new dress, Ria?
    Ria : I think it is . . . .
    a. funny
    b. interesting
    c. delicious
    d. pretty

10. A bus stop at the . . . .
     a. airport
     b. bus station
     c. port
     d. train station

11. That is . . . .
      It is a air transportation.
      a. ship
      b. train
      c. bike
      d. plane

12. We can see a lot of plane in the . . . .
    a. train station
    b. bus station
    c. airport
    d. port

13. A train is one mode of . . . transportation
    a. land
    b. water
    c. air
    d. space

14. Gambir Train Station is in . . . Jakarta
    a. West
    b. Central
    c. East
    d. South

15. Azam is going to Papua by . . . .

    a. bus
    b. car
    c. train
    d. plane

16. We have breakfast in the . . . .
    a. afternoon
    b. evening
    c. morning
    d. midnight

17. Maria is riding a . . . .

    a. bicycle
    b. bus
    c. car
    d. truck

18. The sign above means . . . .
    a. No Smoking
    b. No Parking
    c. No Entry
    d. No Motor Vehicles

19. The sign above means . . . .
    a. Crossroads
    b. T – Junction
    c. Y – Junction
    d. Traffic Light

20. The sign above means . . . .
    a. Go Straight
    b. Turn Right
    c. Turn Left
    d. Bridge


II. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer!

21. I see with my . . . . 

22. I speak with my . . . .

23. Tanjung Priok Port is in . . . Jakarta 

24. Caca is going to Lampung by . . . .

25. He is crossing on the . . . .

III. Answer these questions below!

26. Mention two kinds of land transportation!

Arrange these words into good sentences
27. boarding – is – bus – She – the

Read the text below to find the answer of number 28 – 30!

A train station or a railway station is a railway facility or area where trains regularly stop to load or unload passangers. Stations usually have staffed ticked sales officers, automated ticket machines, or both. Many stations include shops or convenience store. Larger stations usually have restaurant facilities. Other station facilities may include: toilets, luggage storage, lost-and-found, departures and arrival boards, luggage carts, waiting rooms, bus bays, and car parks.

28. What is a train station?

29. What is other name of a train station?

30. What are the facilities in a train station?

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